Recruiting and Staffing

Key Differences Between Recruiting and Staffing

The points given below are noteworthy so far as the difference between recruiting and staffing is concerned:

  1. Recruiting is a process which involves finding prospective candidates for the job and approaching them to apply for it. On the other hand, staffing refers to a process concerned with acquiring, employing, developing, compensating and retaining people of an organization.
  2. Recruiting is a single component of staffing. As against this, staffing is a function involved in the managerial process.
  3. The scope of staffing is wider than recruiting, as in recruiting represents a single step involved in the process of employment while staffing entails a series of steps, and recruiting is one of those steps.
  4. Recruiting is a short-term process, whereas staffing is a long-term process or say continuous process, as fresh jobs are created, and some employees might retire from or leave the existing positions, which results in the process to go on and on.
  5. Recruiting occurs at the initial stages of employment, which begins with the search for suitable candidates and ends with the receipt of applications. Conversely, staffing is a managerial exercise present in all stages and levels of the organization, whether it is recruitment & selection, training & development or promotion & compensation.


Talented, committed and competent employees are the spine of any organization, who are the primary assets of a firm. It is a worldwide accepted fact that the survival and growth of an organization rely mainly on the people working in the organization. And to do so constant infusion of qualified and hardworking staff should be done, only when the right individuals are placed at the right positions, organizational objectives can be achieved.