How does one provide an accurate list of their talents and gifts?  At Wolfe Engagement Group we believe that the greatest service we can first bring to our clients is a desire to serve them. The great leaders in any organization are the people who realize their gifts and then put them to service by helping their organization or business succeed. It all starts with a servant mentality, followed by a commitment to excellence. You can find many of the services we provide our clients here, and we look forward to speaking with you about how we can serve you and your organization.


I worked with David while he served as the Vice President of Human Resources in a diverse, dynamic organization. David’s strong operational knowledge blended well with his strategic vision in crafting different strategies to align the culture, sizing, fit and incentive of the workforce with the operation needs of the organization.  His ability to understand the varying needs of individual employees while working with senior leadership to achieve corporate objectives make him a valuable and respected leader from all stakeholders in a corporate setting.
Richard E. - CFO

  Operational Knowledge and Strategic Vision