David came to HR after a successful career in the world of distribution, manufacturing and customer service.  In these worlds, he was able focus was on understanding operations with a real view of customer needs versus wants.  This service mentality gives David the ability to successfully grow businesses and achieve success. 

"My strong leadership skills were clearly recognized by the leadership team at Knoll, Inc. and they asked me to move over to the Human Resource team where I found my passion. This passion resulted from my desire to match employee needs and wants with organizational goals.  My success in this field has resulted from having a strong understanding of relationships, a true appreciation of business processes and finding a way to marry conflicting needs into mutual goals."

David has demonstrated solid communication skills within all organizational levels. His value to coaching a client comes from his experience in multiple industries from small family owned businesses to the largest corporations. He  has succeeded in the world of investment capital, survived ownership changes and managed both growth and downsizing successfully.   His personal style is respectful of differences, with the ability to masterfully cut through denials and focus on reachable goals.  People find David both approachable and direct in his feedback, a rare but sought after quality.


Having known David professionally and personally for over twenty five years, I feel he is one of the most dedicated, intelligent, and hard working leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. David has a proven record of consistently delivering and exceeding financial expectations by leading a team of empowered co-workers in a variety of diverse businesses.

Thomas H. - COO

Consistently Delivering and Exceeding Financial Expectations