Once a company board of directors has decided to make a drastic change in a company’s direction, it becomes imperative that the right people and processes are in place to ensure that the change in leadership is an inspirational move, rather than a reactional move. The changing of the guard at the CEO position is often challenged by a hesitant and loyal staff, those who want more power, the egos of current leadership, and the lack of information on the new incoming CEO. I have had the opportunity to assist my clients in the removal and replacement of a company CEO. 

The board had decided to make a CEO change, while new leadership was going to be brought in from the outside. The current CEO was made aware of the pending change and my role was to make the transition as seamless as possible and to build a platform for introducing the new CEO while managing the emotions of the exiting CEO. I immediately began by building relationship and rapport with all invested people in the leadership teams. I compiled a detailed list of action items and issues within the company that the new leadership would have to address. Team leaders and I put a strategy in place to deal with the issues the company would be facing as the transition went from announcement to complete implementation. I knew it was vital that everyone be on the same page and clearly articulate our vision and mission going forward. This is how a company can help establish the leadership foundation necessary for all future corporate direction. Change rocks a company, and a strong leadership team is required at every level. I am the person that ensures the foundation is built and the transition is complete.

Now that the new CEO had been chosen, I initiated and managed the meeting of the incoming and outgoing CEO’s. My ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with the leaders and their teams made for a smooth exchange of the reigns of the company, a successful start of the new CEO legacy and the proper acknowledgement the exiting CEO needed.
As soon as the new CEO was announced, I immediately put into motion our strategy to establish and legitimize his leadership before the rest of the company. I coached and led the new CEO through town hall style meetings where he made it clear he understood the company, strategy and vision, and the issues affecting the business and most of all, the employees. We created an internal PR plan and then implemented that plan across all levels of the organization. The result was a new CEO who had created relationships with the employees, established his leadership position, and provided him a path for completing his role as CEO.


David is one of the most dedicated, capable and humble leaders I know. Even though his knowledge and experience in HR are vast, he always seeks input. He is a great listener and overall communicator, written and oral. David is unusual in that he can visualize the big picture and execute down to the smallest detail—he is strategically tactical. He is a good delegator, but he is also a great practitioner.  There is little he won’t do to serve his clients well. 

Emma M. - CEO

Dedicated, Capable and Humble